“Wonderful it is to train the mind, so swiftly moving, seizing whatever it wants. Good is it to have a well-trained mind, for a well-trained mind brings happiness.”         Dhammapada 3.35


Mastering A Centered Presence

A three (3) level Webinar Series provides hands-on practice strengthening your awareness and skill to live/work from a mindful centered presence.
The Mastery Journey stretches our imagination and creativity, builds on our patience and compassion, allowing us to feel grateful for the calm and quiet we experience, no matter what we think is happening --out there! 
Participants outline their own mastery path, identifying the keys to success, as well as exploring and resolving personal roadblocks.

Month 1: 
Participants define their relationship to Mastery. Mindfulness practice is introduced as the cornerstone to inner calm. Students explore the impact of positive and negative “emotional hindrances” on one’s ability to cultivate mastery. Learn guiding principles for building a centered presence.
Month 1 is a prerequisite class to Month 2. 

Month 2
Students identify the power and influence of core beliefs shaping one’s emotions, actions and outcomes.  Introduction and work with mental states to strengthen skill of non-attachment. Continued buddy-coaching practice to explore and overcome personal triggers that create discontent or stress.

Month 3
Students strengthen their capacity to listen with compassion and communicate with greater awareness of their own mental states. Monitoring tools are provided to outline one’s personal ethics. How to stay the 'Course'.



ICF Approved for  8 CCEU's per Month - 24 CCEU's Total


Strengthen your competency to be emotionally intelligent, not just smart.  Build your confidence to monitor and correct your conduct. Remain at ease during stressful situations. Bring compassion to listen deeply, ask powerful questions and foster team work approaches to projects.  


  1. You will identify your personal keys to mastery.
  2. You will practice skillful ways to work with emotional narratives.
  3. You will sharpen your listening, using intuition and wisdom. 
  4. You will learn that your success depends on the success of others. 

Who Attends?

  • Coaches interested in receiving ICF credits.
  • Non-coaches, social workers, therapists, and healers.
  • Supervisors and managers interested in Mindful Leadership. 

Logistics: (See Calendar Below or Go to Events Calendar)
Each level of the Mastering Your Centered Presence program is offered twice a month. 


Class Schedule has been revised. See Events Calendar for New Dates.

Classes NOW CLOSED! New Classes forming for September.

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