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If I Ruled The World

Visioning is the easy part. The challenge is building the structure to support the achievement of a vision, as well as developing the necessary skills to achieve. For long time followers, you've observed my dedication to this three- pronged approach. My book Navigating Tomorrow outlines this three- step change tool, because I believe that we can rule our world by cherishing others, treasuring each moment. 

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We are little judging machines, with a penchant towards strong emotions, like desire and aversion. The antidote to anger is patience and as the Cookie Monster points out, we need a strategy to wait. 

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Here I Stand

What I had not learned from my parents was how to be a good Jew. There were plenty of right wrong conversations, as if doing ABC was good, and therefore I could be considered good, while doing XYZ was bad, and I would be considered bad. 

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Somewhere Over The Rainbow

My father said his job was to teach his kids right from wrong. That line of thought was mysterious to me, as I often found discrepancies between the code parents/teachers prescribed for us, and the actions they took, which ran far afield of the prescription.

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