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Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?

Although I believed there was a "skinny person or self" in the body, I couldn't find her. What concerns me is the speed at which we denigrate ourselves because we believe there is something wrong with us. Worse, the reactive behaviors, based upon our thoughts, becomes the way we "roll" with life. We no longer have to push a self- loathing button; it lights up automatically.    

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Come and Get It

His wife, on the other hand is not pressuring him for intimacy. She's supporting his progress by inviting him to fool around. Not bound to any specific outcome, she's motivated by a deep desire to see her husband be happy. Although the husband wants to regain his former vigor, he 's aware there are no promises when it comes to virility and prostrate surgery.

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What's Love Got To Do With It?

I find the responses intriguing because if we're not having sex, do we not experience passion?  I'm including several synonyms so you can see the wide range that passion covers:
Affection, agony, anger, animation, ardor, devotion eagerness, ecstasy, excitement, indignation, joy, misery, rage, rapture, resentment, spirit, suffering, temper, warmth, zeal and zest.

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Rekindling Passion

Many years ago, I observed how people connect through the telling of stories. We reveal ourselves as we share what matters to us, sometimes re-enacting the story, other times re-experiencing the range of emotions as we talk. We tell our stories in the hope that we can connect the dots between us. For some, the sharing reveals lessons learned, for others the sharing becomes a healing. 

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