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Beauty's Only Skin Deep

One day, quite by accident, she slipped on the stairwell coming down to the dining room, dislocating her shoulder, breaking her leg, and cutting her cheek so deeply the wound would not close. She yelled and screamed blaming the world for her injuries. Who will marry me now, she lamented. Who will find me beautiful with this 2 inch gash on my face? Her family looked at her in puzzlement because she could have broken her neck.

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Radical Acceptance

Women extend themselves to serve, leaning in to listen, embracing others with support. To our detriment we often define ourselves in relationship to others. For example, if you find yourself feeling that a partner will complete you then the message you're sending is that you're not whole. When we look outside ourselves for happiness, we torpedo our self-esteem.

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Make Love Not War

I've always paid homage to the strength of women, noted in the playful tale, Lysistrata by Aristophanes. To end war, and to save the lives of their men, the women withheld sex. This approach, though challenging for both sexes, worked. The "Make Love Not War" motto has withstood the test of time. Women succeeded because they stood together, demonstrating the power of the "sacred feminine".

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