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Be Your Own Best Friend

When we're in pain, whether that pain is emotional, or physical or both, we rush to whatever resource we can find to suppress or end the pain. The multi-billion dollar drug industry is geared to take away our pain, and as consumers we have reconfigured the medical establishment to be the "conferrer" of pain medicine.

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In One Ear and Out The Other

Most of us feel pretty confident that when we listen, we're listening, but using myself as an example, I've discovered that active listening requires getting our egos out of the way so we can hear both what is being said internally and what is being said, externally. In fact, listening with an intention to hear strengthens our awareness of what is being inferred, what is not being said, etc

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Sympathy for the Devil

When I was a kid, my parents focused on teaching me to be a good child, not a bad one. They instilled a value system upon which I measured myself moment- to- moment, day to day, year to year. Sometimes I fought their evaluations because I disagreed but more often than not, I capitulated. Why? I wanted them to love me, so I compartmentalized my concept of self to meet their expectations of a good girl.  

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Summertime & The Living is Easy

Remember we're never too busy to take a break. If you find yourself thinking otherwise, you may want to put your life on pause so that you can look at the overall health of your mind, body, spirit and emotions. Not to mention looking at the health of your relationships. 

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