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Love, Love, Love

That's not to say things don't change, people don't change, etc., but if we set a strong intention at the start of a relationship, and keep correcting and monitoring our conduct throughout, we have a good chance of reinventing romance for our times.

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No Magic Bullet

The rest of the tale is boring; the best part was watching his joy as he recounted his business success teaching only the Ten Commandments.
"They're easy to teach," he asserted, "because most folks know them. But they're hard to implement".

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Can I Get A Witness

Initially each person walked alone to the front of the room, while Desda recited a short benediction. But something was missing so we began moving towards Desda like a single body, huddling around them, arms linked. It's as if we tied ourselves both to the sentiment of what was being said and the opportunity to reduce the boundaries between us.

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Practicing Kindness

The clarity and simplicity of this quote provided a visceral whiplash, snapping me to attention. To juxtapose a devoted parent and a samurai warrior gave me the chance to contemplate, even for a few seconds, the possibility that by re-framing my relationship to a practice, approaching it with compassion, rather than something I had to beat down or win (lest I lose), I might be happier.

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