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Sweet Surrender

When you think about the word-surrender-what images appear? For many, the face of surrendering is one of loss, resignation, or finality. By equating surrendering to giving up, aren't we giving up our power, a point of view, a belief, etc.? That certainly leaves us vulnerable to attack. So much for inner peace!

Posted on April 30, 2013 and filed under April 2013.

Rolling With The Punches

When we don't get our way, we're not happy. In the moments following a situation where our hopes or expectations have not been met, many of us react adversely. Two recent examples include the arrest of a disorderly actor, Reese Witherspoon and Liverpool's soccer player, Luis Sanchez, who bit his opponent's arm. Both people reacted strongly, harshly. Could they have rolled with the punches, handled the situation differently?

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Believe or Not!

When we contemplate how we are at home or at work, we begin to see that much of what we say and do is automatic in nature, a reaction to something or someone else. But how would you know unless you looked? Every month for 2 years, I examined a different belief system to which I ascribed, from my beliefs about money to my beliefs about love.

Posted on April 16, 2013 and filed under April 2013.