Somewhere Over The Rainbow

 " That which is hateful to you, do not do to others". Hillel 

My father said his job was to teach his kids right from wrong. That line of thought was mysterious to me, as I often found discrepancies between the code parents/teachers prescribed for us, and the actions they took, which ran far afield of the prescription.
This lack of consistency or alignment between what we said and what we did caused me a lot of consternation. Over the years, I've studied and worked with various methodologies established to quell the doubt and anxiety resulting from an inability to effectively bridge my thoughts and speech with action. We preach goodness and mercy, yet we practice unkindness towards others and ourselves.
I developed Healer Coaching as a way to get to know the fractious mind we inhabit. By using varied tools including mindfulness, somatic coaching and energy healing, this particular approach helps clients consolidate these disparate points of view, and in some cases, re-frame the point entirely, so that you reduce the stress, producing greater peace of mind.
For some people learning how to forgive is an entry point to wholeness. For others, the gateway is gratitude. No matter where you find yourself, Healer Coaching meets you where you are, and together we help you get unstuck from points of view that produce stress.
There is a way to re-frame the parallel lines we believe we walk. What if, as we loosen the hold we have on ourselves, what appears separate actually comes together?  
Think of times when you've stood on the platform of a railroad or metro station and it seemed like the tracks came together in the distance. You knew intellectually the tracks were separate yet they appeared to merge. It's all about the looking, about one's perspective.
Somewhere over the rainbow does not have to be that far away. We can actually find the peace we seek right here, right now, but it does require courage, perseverance, patience, a good teacher, and lots of kindness for yourself and others. This week- think about whether you're ready to give yourself the gift of peace. Let me know.

Posted on October 1, 2013 and filed under October 2013.