See You In September

When I was a kid, Labor Day marked the end of summer vacation and the beginning of a new school year. Labor Day weekend felt like a last hurrah as we waved goodbye to summer fun, as we prepared for school by shopping for new uniforms and notebooks.
Even the elements, Sun, Wind, Air, Earth and Water recognized this passage of time, signaling the end of one season, and the start of another. The fiery heat of summer waned on this day, softening, as if the fire had died down, leaving only hot embers. I was curious how the air knew to cool itself, changing its nature. 
Now kids return to school in August, without enjoying that very noticeable shift in weather. By not marking Labor Day as a change of season we miss the opportunity to connect with the elements.
What difference does it make whether you experience Labor Day outside the classroom or in your office?
What does not happen is feeling a part of something bigger. We lose the connection to the natural order-- that which guides everything.
We think of ourselves as unique, distinctly human; our likes and dislikes allow us to separate from each other.  We're cultivating whole worlds of expectations, hopes and fears that may or may not have any relationship to the way Nature actually works. We've become so disconnected that we forget we are Nature, believing we can somehow act upon it at will, even determine its course.
This is not true. Dust to dust, ashes to ashes. Whether we like it or not, we return to the source of life.
Nature could not care less about our preferences. This week take a few moments, even hours to walk outside, walk in the woods, on the beach, by the lake. Walk quietly, in silence, allowing yourself to connect with the wind, the rain, the heat of the sun on your face. 

Posted on August 27, 2013 and filed under August 2013.