Mirror Mirror On The Wall

When you wake up do you assess your body? How it looks and feels? Or do you wait till you're standing to observe yourself? I like this. I don't like that.
Each time you judge yourself as too thin, too fat, old, young, smart, not so smart, sexy, gorgeous, handsome, etc. whether your comments are kind or unkind, you're creating dissonance, resulting in a lack of cohesion between the desire to be happy and the actions you take to be happy. We're not simply judging ourselves, either. We're constantly evaluating what we think we see--mens' and womens' bodies, children, teenagers, dogs, cats, in fact, anything that moves comes under scrutiny. We also have some peculiar methods to mete out punishment when we loathe what we see.
Where is the love in this approach?
For one week, take five minutes each day to observe how often you look at or avoid mirrors. Write down what you think you see, as well as the judgments you make about what you've observed. For extra points, please include the consequences/actions, both positive and negative, you will impose based on your reaction(s) to the experience. The first person to send me a completed list will receive a gift certificate towards a healer coaching session (value $100.00 US).

Posted on March 26, 2013 and filed under March 2013.