Make Love Not War

Since March is Women's History Month, I am dedicating my healer coaching tips to women and the men who love us.
I've always paid homage to the strength of women, noted in the playful tale, Lysistrata by Aristophanes. To end war, and to save the lives of their men, the women withheld sex. This approach, though challenging for both sexes, worked. The "Make Love Not War" motto has withstood the test of time. Women succeeded because they stood together, demonstrating the power of the "sacred feminine".
I am not asking you to withhold sex this week; rather I am suggesting you look at areas in your life where you have the natural power to lead, yet you're holding yourself back. Our sense of power/wholeness comes when we live in alignment with our core values. When we abdicate Wholeness because we're ignoring, avoiding, or denying our needs, we hurt ourselves and we hurt others. When is the right time to reclaim what you already own? What area(s) of your life requires attention this week?

Posted on March 5, 2013 and filed under March 2013.