Believe or Not!

Our beliefs shape our thoughts, emotions, actions and results. What we believe frees us to take action or keeps us tied in knots. We may feel safe in our belief system but from what are we protecting ourselves?
When we contemplate how we are at home or at work, we begin to see that much of what we say and do is automatic in nature, a reaction to something or someone else. But how would you know unless you looked? Every month for 2 years, I examined a different belief system to which I ascribed, from my beliefs about money to my beliefs about love.
I unearthed a lot of valuable data. Not always a pleasant experience to sit with yourself, but the data gives you the "proof" and "insights" required to change. The beliefs that supported my personal vision I kept; those that were outdated or out of whack with my vision, I revised or eliminated.
This week, tackle one belief you have about love, work or yourself. Write it down. Think about how the belief shapes what you say and do, even the results you get. Notice the costs and benefit to you and others for having this belief. Don't change anything. Just observe. At the end of the week write down what you noticed and what action you might take as a result. 

Posted on April 16, 2013 and filed under April 2013.