What's Right With Your World?

Sometimes we're so busy looking for what's wrong with our world, what's wrong with us, from how the government runs (or not) to how our families, employees, employers, etc. function (or not) we forget to balance what's not working with all things that are right or good with the world.
This might sound a little gooberish as we are very committed to our point of view. Our intellect compels us to take certain actions, and when combined with strong emotions, we feel a definitive surge of righteousness that means (to us and others) we must be right. Why else would we experience such strong emotions?  Whether we're dancing with joy cause we got what we wanted or we're mustering our forces to fight, we are stressing ourselves. All you have to do is watch five minutes on any news station to discover which side of the fence you covet. 
A simple gratitude practice helps re-balance the right/wrong view, but before we can be grateful for this or that, I'm suggesting we take the time to acknowledge what we have done well to reduce our discontent as well as what we have done for others. By paying attention to the small corrections I'm making in my thoughts, speech or action (conduct), I'm noticing a decrease in my overall stress.  
The other side of this coin is to acknowledge where we've harmed ourselves or others by our conduct. This process assumes we have a baseline from which we operate. If your motto is "Do Unto Others" for example, then each day you can monitor and correct your conduct to insure that you are aligning your conduct with your motto. 
I think life is a see-saw opportunity. When we are down on the ground we want to get back up, and when we're up, we push to stay there or we strain to come back down.  It's tricky to stay on top, or even to remain at the bottom. Something or someone changes, and we're floating in between, which actually feels pretty good, while we're there. It's the letting go of either state (up or down) that provides the equanimity.
The greatest challenge we face is taking full responsibility for the condition of our world-both inside our heads and outside in our actions. What makes the world right for us is the alignment between what we say matters and our conduct that reflects what we say matters. If you're ready to find your equanimity, call me.

Posted on November 12, 2013 and filed under November 2013.