What's Love Got To Do With It?

As I share with women about the upcoming Salon class: Rekindling Passion  
those who are currently in relationship dismiss the value asserting that because they're in relationship these needs are "already being met."
I find the responses intriguing because if we're not having sex, do we not experience passion?  I'm including several synonyms so you can see the wide range that passion covers:
Affection, agony, anger, animation, ardor, devotion eagerness, ecstasy, excitement, indignation, joy, misery, rage, rapture, resentment, spirit, suffering, temper, warmth, zeal and zest.
This is an incomplete list, but what you notice is the wide application for passion. Imagine, for example, a passionate rage you've recently experienced. What made your rage so passionate?
If sex, as my gynecologist asserted, is 99 per cent mental, then we can build passion on an as-needed basis. We can create passion if we wish to demonstrate our anger towards someone or something. We can fuel our passion to research new ideas. If we think the causes we're supporting are engendering more agony than ecstasy, we will curtail our passion.
We apply and supply passion to anything and anyone, at any time, because we create the passion by how we think. Our results are a direct product of our thoughts.
If you believe for example, that your passion is relegated to bedroom antics or to your partner, then where does that passion begin and end? Is it physical or mental? Check this out for yourself. Take your time. Let me know what you discover at rpost@thehealercoach.com.

Posted on May 14, 2013 and filed under May 2013.