Unlocking the Door

While I was studying energy healing with Desda Zuckerman, founder of Core Individuation, I birthed the concept of Healer CoachingTM.
At that time, as a certified somatic coach, one of the tools to help people embody leadership qualities was using breath and body movement so they could connect to their thoughts and emotions. This approach awakened them to the nature of energy, sensations in the body related to learned habits, and the relationship between their thoughts and the life of the body.
Over time, as they recognized these internal connections, they became more open in their communication. They experienced greater ease listening to the wisdom both head and heart provided. Realizing that leadership was not just something they did, but someone they became, they took greater care to be the kind of leader they respected. This internal re-calibration allowed them to navigate their organizations through turbulent times, whether they knew what lay ahead or not.
For most of us, the body is something we drive, fix, or alter in size, shape, or appearance. We don't realize that the separation we foster in ourselves creates separation and distance with others. We may want to be more open, but our patterns are deeply ingrained.
Desda's work provided another avenue for me to help people feel whole. Each part of the self is related. Combining healing with coaching allows clients to have a direct experience of their wholeness: mind, body, spirit and emotions. Healer coaches become alchemists, using whatever tool works best with the client.  
What if, for one week, you took the time to get to know your spiritual nature? Google 'Spiritual Nature', and then journal, photograph or talk to someone you trust about that part of yourself. Explore how well you incorporate head and heart. There is no better time to experience wholeness. If you're ready to take the plunge, call me for a healer coaching session. 


Posted on July 2, 2013 and filed under July 2013.