The Taxman Cometh

Did you know that 75% of adults responding to a recent American Psychological Association survey said they experienced moderate to high levels of stress in the previous month? More than half the respondents claimed their stress had increased over the past year!

Death and taxes are part of our lives. We work hard to eliminate, ignore or deny the negative stress that both situations foster. Whether we're holding onto that which creates dis-stress or pushing it away, we're still stressing.

Unlike other forms of coaching, Healer Coaching does not simply provide temporary relief from stress. Clients learn to untie the mental knots affecting their mind, body, spirit and emotions, releasing themselves from habituated patterns of reaction. By learning to distinguish between the activity/ story and the stress to which they attach, clients transform their relationship to stress. They are more competent to correct and monitor their thoughts, speech and action. Most of us can't do self- surgery when it comes to changing ourselves. We need someone upon whose guidance and expertise we can rely.

Posted on April 9, 2013 .