The End Is The Beginning

James Flaherty, Founder of New Ventures West, posed four questions as part of our coaching education.  By answering them, we re-framed our practices and projects to reflect our core values. If we were unfamiliar with what really mattered to us, this exercise helped us flush out the answers. 
Think of a practice as a way to strengthen a weak muscle. You stop practicing, the muscle goes soft. Think of a project having a beginning, middle and end.         

Although some of the projects identified in this process took many years to accomplish, I realized that if I died in the middle of doing these practices and projects, at least I 
could say I had died in the middle of a life worth living!  

You may want to do this exercise with a partner. Let the partner scribe while you talk. Then switch roles.     
The key to this exercise is to see yourself at the end of your life, having accomplished your lifelong goals. From this resultant vantage point, answer the following questions:
1)   What was worth accomplishing in your life?
2)   What were the specific qualities/traits needed so you could accomplish these goals?
3)   What were the specific projects you did to accomplish what you said was worth doing? (relates to question #1).     
4)   What were the specific practices you did to develop the qualities you identified in question #2?   

Posted on April 2, 2013 and filed under April 2013.