Sweet Surrender

When you think about the word-surrender-what images appear? For many, the face of surrendering is one of loss, resignation, or finality. By equating surrendering to giving up, aren't we giving up our power, a point of view, a belief, etc.? That certainly leaves us vulnerable to attack. So much for inner peace!
In coaching, surrendering suggests acceptance-- the willingness to let go of what we believe we are seeing or thinking to accept what is right in front of us-- our direct experience of the situation. As we release the tendency to fight, argue, debate, control, we're left in a state of serenity and spaciousness. 
In our western culture we're trained to fight. We're not taught about acceptance because that implies we'd let ourselves live peacefully, as well as accept how others live. This cycle of fighting acceptance, both of self and others is vicious, as it wears us out mentally, physically, and emotionally.  
What if for one week you practiced accepting any thought you have. For one week each time you begin that internal/external debate, don't engage with it. Observe with no judgments your thoughts about your body, your life, your relationships, your boss, even your ideas.  
For one week, as many times during the day as you can, simply practice accepting what is happening, unless of course you're doing something illegal, immoral or fattening! Email your observations to me at rpost@thehealercoach.com.

Posted on April 30, 2013 and filed under April 2013.