"Everywhere I'm turning nothing seems complete
I stand up and I'm searching for the better part of me
Cause I'm a Superwoman
Yes I am....."                       Alicia Keys
The idea of juggling many plates is not new, especially for women. As we make great strides into every male dominated bastion, we still juggle responsibilities of child rearing, marriage, and home maintenance, not to mention the often-debilitating affect taking care of aging parents has on us. And yet we keep going. 
With an S on our chests, as the saying goes, "A woman's work is never done."
We've learned to juggle well by giving some time to this, some to that. We pray we can catch up to the 'this or that' in sufficient time to avoid life's spills, which we clean up. I'm not male bashing here. I'm simply pointing to the mind- set many women possess about how the nature of balancing all the duties for which we feel responsible promotes dis-stress and un-ease.
It is the split personality syndrome that I'd like to address. Superwomen experience difficulty choosing where to put their allegiance. All of the work/chores seem important. It's a belief that the skill lies in managing or coordinating the many duties so that you can either get them all done or at least demonstrate the appearance of competence. Call it slight of hand.
We'd rather folks wonder how we work our magic, than release some of the allegiances compelling us to action. What if you could retire the Superwoman label?  
I'm not judging what's important to juggle. Rather, I'm inviting readers to look at the impact juggling has on your body, mind and spirit. What is possible when you let go the habit of feeling responsible for everything or everyone? What opens up?
Just breathing in the possibilities that you might be able to let go softens your breathing, unclenches the jaw, creating more space for air to flow. Or not. Maybe the idea of letting go scares you, resulting in a tightening of the throat, a clenching of the jaw, a collapsing of the chest as you clutch your basket of responsibilities closer.  
Healer Coaching is designed for people who are ready, willing and able to change. I use a three-pronged approach (mindfulness, somatic coaching and energy healing) to unfreeze the mechanism that keeps you stuck in repetitive habits so that you melt with Joy.

Posted on October 8, 2013 .