Summertime & The Living is Easy

Many years ago I learned how farmers practiced crop rotation to give their land the chance to replenish itself by planting something nutrient rich. Instead of planting the same crop in the same field year after year, farmers rotated crops. They took care of their fields so that their fields/harvest could take care of them.

How does this theory apply to us? When we stop to take a break, retreat for a week, or take a sabbatical, we're giving ourselves the chance to replenish the mind, body, spirit and emotions. We're so busy at work, at home, taking care of everything, and everyone else, we don't know how to stop the train.  

Doing it right seems more important than doing the right thing!

Remember we're never too busy to take a break. If you find yourself thinking otherwise, you may want to put your life on pause so that you can look at the overall health of your mind, body, spirit and emotions. Not to mention looking at the health of your relationships. 

We all have great reasons why we can't stop the train. But what if you practiced kindness towards yourself this summer by taking a break? What kind of project or practice can you engage in this summer that will renew your spirit, not dampen it? Or what part of your busy life can you lay fallow for a month or two so you can rest? If you believe that operating at 100 miles per hour is all you know how to do, then please call me. I've got news for you.

Learning to replenish yourself requires a willingness to give up a little now to reap the benefits that really matter-later.

Posted on July 9, 2013 and filed under July 2013.