Rekindling Passion

To stimulate our thinking as we head towards the June 8th, Rekindling Passion class in Sarasota, I'd like to initiate a conversation about how we/you define and relate to passion.
Many years ago, I observed how people connect through the telling of stories. We reveal ourselves as we share what matters to us, sometimes re-enacting the story, other times re-experiencing the range of emotions as we talk. We tell our stories in the hope that we can connect the dots between us. For some, the sharing reveals lessons learned, for others the sharing becomes a healing. 
Our stories bubble up, like Geysers, exploding in all directions or sometimes, the stories creep and crawl like mountain streams, barely skimming the rocks. Whether we're crawling in the underbrush of an event, or high tailing it out of danger, we remain connected to the flow of the tale. But share we must because we're human beings in search of warmth and connection, a strong physiological drive to be part of something.  

I think about Passion as a very human trait. It relates to sex, and the idea that I can connect deeply, intimately with another person, but passion also can be observed in our actions, in our relationship to that which we treasure, whether it's family or art, nature or religion.  Passion can grow anywhere, in any garden, as long the sentiment is nurtured. 

Passion requires various ingredients to grow. Similar to my garden here in Florida, for the plants to blossom, they need the sun, good earth, water, and trimming. Like our passions, the bushes around my house can grow out of control unless I tend to them. Or worse, passion will wilt from lack of care.  
Let's use these next few weeks to contemplate and experiment with the idea of passion as it appears in your own life. How do you define passion? What are the ingredients needed to sustain passion in your life? Let me know at 

Posted on May 7, 2013 and filed under May 2013.