Patience is a Virtue

There are some virtues worth re-visiting; patience is one of them.  
Practicing patience does not come easily for many of us as we have a hard time sitting still, waiting for whatever we think might happen to happen. We believe that if we get involved we can somehow move the situation along or resolve the action that we think is not working. All the ideas we generate have us feel responsible to get the job done, or anxious to fix, distrusting that what ever "needs" to happen can occur without our intervention.
While we're planning, fretting, executing and reviewing our actions, we forget how far we've drifted from the shore of patience; it takes a miracle to return to that state. Most of us don't know how to return. This is your cue to consult The Healer Coach. 
Patience is a good- natured tolerance of delay or incompetence".
We've replaced patience with restlessness, a desire to change, move, to try something new. Restlessness comes with costs and benefits. We can neither relax nor accept what is happening right now. Sports coaches always tell their athletes to relax to let the game come to them, in other words, practice patience.
When I think about the definition of patience included here, I am reminded of how easy life can be when we let things come and go. Ironically, nothing does stay the same, despite our best efforts to hold the fort, stand our ground, fight to keep policies from changing, neighborhoods from changing, our bodies, health, careers, finances and families from changing.
We know everything changes yet we still fight the opportunities Patience offers including letting things be as they are without feeling the need to fix or change anything, direct or control anyone, or resist what is occurring.
See if you can catch yourself being impatient. Observe if your impatience makes you happy or unhappy. Note the judgments you are making about yourself or others. Notice any tension in your body. Breathe into that tense area. Notice what happens to the strength of the judgment (you made). Write me at -- let me know what you learn.

Posted on August 20, 2013 and filed under August 2013.