Name That Tune

 As part of my mindfulness studies, I'm learning about the Six Perfections, qualities I practice to become the kind of person with whom I can be in love. Remember the goal of Healer Coaching is to have more joy. And that joy begins with us, you and me!
Perfections include Generosity, Patience, Wisdom, Ethical Behavior, Enthusiastic or Joyful Perseverance and Concentration.
In my meditation, I'm noticing and letting go of those internal recordings propelling me towards self-doubt, anxiety or frustration. Not all self -critiquing is negative, but for the most part, the critiquing weakens the structure, leaving us exhausted, depressed or feeling powerless to change.
Being generous means Letting Go of beliefs or thoughts that dampen your spirit.
Pick one belief you have about yourself that plays like an endless loop in your brain. It's not a pleasant sound though you may be so used to it, you hardly notice. You'll have to pay attention. For one week, each time you're playing that tune, stop it, thank yourself for sharing and replace it with a tune that is helpful, kind or loving. 

Posted on June 18, 2013 and filed under June 2013.