Give, Give, Then Give Some More

Across all religions there are basic practices we engage in to deepen our commitment to the spiritual nature of what we're learning.
One of the more common practices is that of generosity, giving of our resources including our time, money, employees/staff/ and equipment to help others.
I've been the recipient of others' generosity when I lost my home due to a fire. Strangers became friends, giving without hesitation- food, time, money, shelter, and clothing.
Most of us are pretty kind when it comes to giving during a time of need. However, even the most generous among us hold onto our resources when we think the receiver may not be suffering as much as we expect. We calibrate our giving to meet a picture we've already created and from which we operate. Changing our beliefs can be challenging because we're so attached to them. Our beliefs are like reconstituted milk, coming to life when we add liquid (emotions). 
Unlearning these habits has been quite the experience because without thinking I say or do things that are miserly, like Scrooge, cheapening my relationship to the practice of generosity, but certainly strengthening my habitual pattern of looking out for Numero Uno.
I am not alone in my relationship to generosity. The best way out of a toxic belief system is with practice. You have to practice letting go- to let go. Instead of giving a homeless person $5.00 why not give him/her $20.00. Who cares how he or she spends the money!
If none of us know when we're are departing this world, why do we hold so tight to everything and everybody? Ask yourself this week when you've been happiest? I mean really happy? It may have been at some point when you did something for someone else without regard, unconditionally. Generosity is an act of courage and love. What are you holding onto that if you relinquished today would constitute an act of generosity?  

Posted on August 6, 2013 and filed under August 2013.