"Me want it but me wait,
when me lose control
me want to grab it want to eat it
but me learn
me must stop and think."    Cookie Monster/Sesame Street 8/5/13
Today during my yoga practice, I noticed a sense of mourning for the poses I can no longer do, for the lack of flexibility I have.  Sadness mixed with anger and impatience, the desire for the situation to be different. Course I want to blame someone or something for the state in which I find myself. The musings can take seconds or hours, depending on how much I wish to fuel the situation. The irony is the situation is fine. I'm doing yoga. It's my reaction to what I think I should be able to do that needs some work.
We are little judging machines, with a penchant towards strong emotions, like desire and aversion. The antidote to anger is patience and as the Cookie Monster points out, we need a strategy to wait. My anger is not going to change the current condition of my hips and lower back. In fact, getting angry and impatient with myself may set the course for injury. Why? I may push myself through the narrow opening available because I want or believe that the outcome should be different.
When we have difficulty catching ourselves in the act of impatience (or anger), we have strategies available. Use something you do every day to observe your range of emotional reactions. Some of us roll out of bed, look immediately to our bellies and either sigh with relief it's still flat or cringe. Observe your reactions during cooking meals, cleaning, answering phone calls, waiting on hold for a customer service rep, listening to your child tell the story, again, and again, sitting with your partner on the couch.
How do you diffuse the impatience wheel before it runs over you or others? Go listen to the Cookie Monster on YouTube. Pick a few strategies and then practice them for the week. If you get stuck, call me at 941.554.8466

Posted on October 22, 2013 and filed under October 2013.