Come and Get It

Last week I invited readers to pay attention to their definitions and experience of passion. Like any emotion, it can be generated by how we think. Instead of being led around by our emotions, we're really led around by our thoughts.
This week, we're exploring the relationship between Passion and Patience.
Recently, a friend of mine had prostrate surgery, and as many of you know, the surgery affects a man's most prized attachment. Although his surgery was just 4 weeks ago, he's very excited to take care of his wife. His appreciation and desire to take care of her has expedited the healing process. 

Is his a mental or physical decision? I think it's mental. He believes that by focusing on his wife's desire to connect intimately, he will rise to the occasion.

His wife, on the other hand is not pressuring him for intimacy. She's supporting his progress by inviting him to fool around. Not bound to any specific outcome, she's motivated by a deep desire to see her husband be happy. Although the husband wants to regain his former vigor, he 's aware there are no promises when it comes to virility and prostrate surgery.
This lack of tension or stress between them is fueling their passion. Passion can be explosive or slow burning. If his wife pushed him too hard to perform, what do you think would happen? If he pushed too hard to get results, what would happen?
The dance they're in requires both passion and patience. Where are you pushing too hard to get someone else do something for which the other person is not ready? Our mind set during the dance determines the kind of passion we'll experience. Frustration and resentment or joy and desire? 

Posted on May 21, 2013 and filed under May 2013.