Beauty's Only Skin Deep

Once upon at time there was a beautiful princess who lived in a gorgeous castle by the sea (Southern California) with her little white dog, her two sisters, an older half brother, and her parents. Her days were filled with joy because when anyone looked at her they saw a natural beauty whose alabaster skin, deep blue eyes, radiant smile, simply caused them to long for her attention. Not to mention our princess was a perfect 10. The world was her oyster, she told herself daily. She believed she owned the world.

One day, quite by accident, she slipped on the stairwell coming down to the dining room, dislocating her shoulder, breaking her leg, and cutting her cheek so deeply the wound would not close. She yelled and screamed blaming the world for her injuries. Who will marry me now, she lamented. Who will find me beautiful with this 2 inch gash on my face? Her family looked at her in puzzlement because she could have broken her neck.

There is more to this story. But what if for this week, you re-told this princess story as a comedy? How would it change? Is there a tragedy in your life that you can turn into a comedy? Why not try telling your tale of woe as a comedy this week.

Posted on March 19, 2013 and filed under March 2013.