Be Your Own Best Friend

"Autoimmune diseases, specifically, now affect 24 million people and include rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, thyroid disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and more.
These are often addressed by powerful immune suppressing medication and not by addressing the cause. That's like taking a lot of aspirin while you are standing on a tack.  
The treatment is not more aspirin or a strong immune suppressant, but removing the tack.
It you want to cool off inflammation in the body, you must find the source. Treat the fire, not the smoke. In medicine we are mostly taught to diagnose disease by symptoms, NOT by their underlying cause."
-  Dr. Mark Hyman

Author of The Blood Sugar Solution, Dr. Hyman is a healer, which is the original connotation of a physician; he treats the whole person not just the symptoms. Similarly in Healer Coaching, we work with the whole person, mind, body, spirit and emotions, not just the stress or destructive emotion a client experiences. Why? We help clients end their suffering ,not simply treating the emotional narratives to which they cling.

When we're in pain, whether that pain is emotional, or physical or both, we rush to whatever resource we can find to suppress or end the pain. The multi-billion dollar drug industry is geared to take away our pain, and as consumers we have reconfigured the medical establishment to be the "conferrer" of pain medicine.
If you're willing to dig a bit deeper to find the root causes of what ails you, you will stand a better chance of healing. This mind set requires being your own best friend; having the courage to tell the truth, the patience to listen, the kindness to hold yourself holy, even when you wish to turn away, and the faith/confidence to stay the course.
Why not use this week to look at situations or events in your life where you feel inflamed by something or someone. What's actually causing the inflammation? Could it be your anxiety, anger, guilt or depression? What can you say or do that will reduce your inflamed state?

Posted on July 30, 2013 and filed under July 2013.