Be Good To Yourself

Oftentimes we're so caught in a web of busyness we forget to take care of ourselves. As complete human beings we're composed of four aspects: mind, body, spirit and emotions. What would it be like to feel whole, fully acknowledging and respecting these four aspects?
Many of us take great care with our bodies, shaping and re-shaping them at the local gym. We let one aspect govern the others. But all four matter. What if this week you spend five to ten minutes each day becoming familiar with one or two aspects you've been neglecting? How do you define your spiritual nature? What action(s) do you take to honor that part of yourself? My father used to say that his emotions were too messy to deal with so he focused on his mind, his intellect. This lack of attention showed up in his relationship to himself, and with others. 

You can explore each aspect by doing some study, reading about each aspect, meditating quietly for a few moments, listening to what arises. For example, are you ignoring your spiritual nature because you've determined that your focus needs to be on making money, raising kids, taking care of others? What part of your life suffers when you honor or rely more on one part of the self to the exclusion of others? 

No one aspect is more important than the other. Our search for wholeness depends on our ability to first accept ourselves as whole. You cannot change what you do not know!

Posted on February 26, 2013 and filed under February 2013.