Improve Your Life Now! - 10 Steps to Fulfilling Your Dreams

1. TELL THE TRUTH:                                           6. PLANT ALFALFA: 

2. GET OFF YOUR DUFF:                                     7. SHOW ME THE MONEY:

3. BE GOOD TO YOURSELF:                                8. LIGHT YOUR FIRE:

4. WRITE IT DOWN:                                             9. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT:

5. CLEAN HOUSE:                                               10. SOUL FOOD:


Phase 1: Create Your Plan
• Pick one step to work.
• Write the value and benefits to you to tackle this step.
• Describe what winning looks like once you’ve completed this
• Describe what working the step will require from you, your
family, etc.
Phase 2: Work the Plan
• Write what you will accomplish by when.
• Outline the many ways you can be derailed from your goal (time,
money, people, kids, other responsibilities).
• Identify the best methods to overcome each obstacle.
• Set up your winning team! Team consists of experts who know
how to overcome specific obstacles, and people who love and
accept you.
Phase 3: Achieve Your Goal
• Work the step. Ask for help. Don’t give up!
• Acknowledge your wins.
• Thank the people who supported you to win!
• Email so I can celebrate your success.
Phase 4: Pick a New Step
• Repeat the process.
• Invite someone else to join you on the path.

The Power of Ten

• 10 Steps to Improve Your Life Now
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