What Clients Are Saying About Rhona Post...

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"Interesting, intuitive, bright person. She's straightforward and insightful--able to decipher others'  issues and communicate them in a way that is thought provoking and yet also offers direction." DZ, Founder of CoreIndividuation

"I was a student in a Leadership class she taught 15 years ago. She suggested I stay in contact with the people I Iove. I am so grateful for her wisdom that helped me change. I talk with my family daily and weekly, and that has changed my life."  MS, HR Training & Development

"When Rhona does CI energy work on me, and she has something to say that can trigger my defense system, she always approaches it in a very loving way so that I am able to hear her and take in what she's trying to share. This is a true gift!     EK, Clinical Operations Manager, Kaiser Permanente

"The work you are doing is sacred, you keep it pure and deep and real.  What a great session!!!" S, From Philadelphia

"I participate in multiple ICF Community of Practice sessions. I must say, yours is the most outstanding and beneficial in terms of my own personal growth and development. I always feel so grateful during and after your programs."  LCJ, MA, PCC, BCC.

Rhona effectively connected the practice of meditation to the reduction in the intensity, frequency & duration of negative/afflictive emotions & how we can bring greater value to the workplace by being in a place of peace in ourselves. State College of Florida TOP participant

"She is charming, engaging and energetic. Her boldness is inspiring. The addition of Rhona's perspicacity and openness to new idea makes her well rounded as a healer coach." KP, Massage Therapist

"There is a feeling of certainty of freedom from the past, the known, and the ability to open to the unlimited unknown - FREEDOM! You are blessed and your are a blessing."
JR, Licensed Massage & Cranial Sacral Therapist

"From being around you all these years I've learned to look at myself with honesty and compassion and realize that what's important to me is what matters and how to be okay with whatever path and whatever outcomes arise from those choices." WG, Gavin Media NU World

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We Offer Individual and Group Programs For:

  • Veteran & new coaches.
  • Professionals in service organizations.
  • Individuals in transition.
  • Individuals who want to strengthen inter-personal communication skills.
  • Individuals who want to lead with integrity (thoughts, speech & conduct align).