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"Rhona Post's mindfulness based guided meditations offer couples new perspectives and tools for self awareness and enhancing intimacy."  Norm and Wendy S. 

"LOVED how you did the meditations, and related it to your story - well done!!!" - Kelly P.


Passion is not simply relegated to our sex lives. We can experience and express our passion anywhere, anytime, with any person, even with ourselves.  When we make others responsible for our passion we give up our power, give away our joy. The Rekindling Passion DVD teaches you how to be comfortable in your relationship to passion, mind, body, spirit and emotions. Listening to the talk and guided meditations helps you take ownership of your passion, in and out of the boudoir.  

Laugh with Rhona. Cry with her. Let your hair down as you rekindle your passion to live the life you deem worthy of living.

LIVE appearance at Stageworks Theater, Tampa, FL - Book Rhona for your event.