Letting Go

Internal dialogues are running all the time. Sometimes we’re the good guys, sometimes we’re the bad guys, but the conversations are never ending. I liken these internal conversations to endless loop voice announcement tapes. “Thanks for calling. Please leave your message at the sound of the tone.”
Or maybe you liken your internal dialogues, positive or negative, to elevator music. Always playing in the background. Some tunes you hum, other tunes cause you to wrinkle your nose in disdain. 

In a silent solo retreat you have the opportunity to put some space between:

  1. the sounds /noise, 
  2. the feelings/emotions attached to the noise, 
  3. the judgments being made about the internal noise

so you can simply watch everything come and go. Which it does. You don’t have to scowl or howl. You just watch.

In this video sequence,  (see below) I let go my attachment to the doubt and anxiety tunes that frequently haunt my elevator rides. It’s a choice I made to let go of the music tormenting my spirit. The endless loop tapes reset themselves unless and until we decide we’re done listening. 

I decided to replace doubt with faith, a starting point on any journey. By reframing doubt to joy, anxiety to patience, I gave myself permission to simply enjoy the passage of time. Being in a quiet beautiful place helps one make that choice, but the surroundings do not matter. Simply place your  hand over your heart to remember the preciousness of this moment, and choose. Or, you can watch a sunset, from start to finish. 

Posted on October 14, 2015 .