What is the Relationship between Mindfulness and Mastery?

Throughout the Mindful Mastery Coaching series, I’ve tried to outline the steps you can take to increase your effectiveness and reliance upon your own inner wisdom to help others and yourself achieve. 

On Tuesday September 30th, I’m going to demonstrate the relationship between mindfulness and mastery as integral elements to master your coaching.

I use mindfulness meditation as a practice to master my mental states, particularly those strong afflictive emotions, including desire, anger, greed, lust, doubt, and anxiety so as I move through the world, in and out of stores, cars, classes, coaching sessions, business meetings, illness and aging, I can remain peaceful and kind, both to others and to myself.

Having tried numerous modalities to quiet the thinking mind, I’ve come to realize that thoughts are not the problem, but as my teacher, Michael Gregory, asserts,” It’s our relationship to our thoughts that is the issue.” 

Thoughts beget more thoughts. And most of our thoughts ignite strong emotions that feel overwhelmingly real. This is where the trouble begins. We believe what we think. Our clients believe what they think and when they’re caught in strong emotions, from desire to resentment/anger, we do need to offer them a way to reduce the frequency, duration and intensity of these emotions. Why?

Swept away by a torrent of strong emotions, we lose the connection to reason. More important, we lose the connection to love. We see ourselves over here, and we see others, good, bad or indifferent over there.  

Instead of trying to coach our clients how to get a better job, or get around a “difficult” employee we actually coached them to be free of their mental attachments? What if we actually showed clients they can master their mental states, not be servant to their own emotions? 

Mastery is journey that requires everything we bring, from our hearts and minds, to our bodies and our spirits. 

When you partner mastery with mindfulness, you give yourself the opportunity to be freer, to be more open and more relaxed. Your clients want this too. Change your thoughts. Change your Outcomes. 

Join me September 30, 2014 from Noon to 1:00pm for the next installment of Mastering Mindful Coaching. Register Today!

Posted on September 25, 2014 .