Mastery & Mindfulness


It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul.   William Ernest Henley (Invictus)   

 This verse has stayed with me since I memorized it in elementary school. The whole mastery concept has been elusive. I believed mastery to be the property of individuals highly skilled in the arts or sports, literature or even plumbing. Over time I've learned anyone can be masterful no matter his/her station or vocation.
Understanding and working with this verse has been my driving force. I believe we can captain our thoughts, speech and actions, even if we can't steer ourselves away from sickness, old age and death. We can navigate our minds to remain stalwart and calm, kind and at ease, despite the turbulence we find or the uncharted territory we explore.
By learning to lead in our own lives, we're taking on a master's journey. When we're leading and taking full responsibility for our own ship (our minds) we are happier.
But taking one hundred per cent responsibility for what and how we think is a commitment requiring courage, patience, a teacher and lots of practice.
I've pursued different courses of study to better understand what propels us to run in mental circles like hamsters on a wheel.  What ignites passion that seems uncontrollable or unstoppable? What erodes our ease within?
I've been privy to many shortcuts to happiness, and yes, they do work temporarily. But like an addict, we just keep reaching for the next fix. Some of us stop chasing the shortcuts as we realize the path to happiness depends on the practices we do. 
There are many worthwhile ventures to tackle in this precious life, but none seem as important as cultivating a mind that is imperturbable, at ease, and most of all peaceful. How and what we think determines how we react and the outcomes we have. Have you noticed that when you are peaceful you don't stir the pot or create stress for others or yourself?
No matter where you find yourself along the journey to mastery, in your career, your marriage, or fealty to a worthwhile cause, learning what it takes to captain your ship is crucial.
Don't waste time going in circles when you can join a mastery group, individuals, like yourself, who want to be happy, who've tried various tips and techniques -who realize that life is short. Good thoughts perpetuate good outcomes. Bad thoughts nag our spirits.
In the upcoming call, I'll share how Mindfulness Meditation supports us to reduce the frequency, duration and intensity of negative/destructive emotions.
The main obstacle to staying on a master's path is our own mind. Learn how to cultivate a Mindfulness Meditation practice and how this practice benefits your mind, body, spirit and emotions.
The life you save will be your own.
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Posted on September 22, 2014 .