Happy Days Are Here Again

So long sad times... So long bad times...  We are rid of you at last!

I know most of us don't actually believe we can be happy all the time. At one time, I was in line with other naysayers. However, as a result of engaging in a daily mindful meditation practice for the past four years, attending weekly classes, 10, 30 and 40 day retreats, and most important, actually surrendering or accepting the possibility that I can be happy all the time, my internal life/climate is changing. Not to mention the many external opportunities that are manifesting because of my internal makeover.

As a coach I'm well aware that any practice I do takes time to embody because our habits are so strongly rooted. A practice is something we do to build skills or qualities. When we stop practicing we lose the ground we've gained. Our muscles atrophy.

With a mindfulness meditation practice we're actually doing two practices at the same time. First, we engage in something "new" that over time produces different results than those to which we're accustomed. 

Second, each time we re-engage with well worn or even well- honed negative thought patterns, we have to physically stop ourselves. Over time, with focused intention fueled by a desire to be happier, we begin manifesting different outcomes. The older habits evaporate or disappear. The positive habits we're practicing become the new normal.  

This is mind training. Each moment I tell myself it's not possible to be happy all the time, I think of rice farmers entranced with Buddha's teachings. If an illiterate rice farmer can free himself from mental discontent, certainly, I can. We can!

I look at The Healer Coach Mobile App like a mind training device. Using it daily you can get happy now and keep building your awareness muscles to stay happy. Not to mention the joy you start sharing with others as your own stress levels decrease. Included with the tips are practices to help you get started. You can choose happiness over sadness, good times over bad. No one can make that choice for you, even when you're in total breakdown. 

We hug our limitations close to our hearts. We're just as possessive of our negative thoughts as we are the positive ones. But change is possible. Make the decision. And call me.

Posted on November 20, 2014 .