Your Mastery Recipe

"One can have no greater mastery than mastery of oneself." Leonardo da Vinci

For the past six months, I've taught coaches and non-coaches about mastery, and living their passion and/or career with a master's mind set. Today I provided a Recipe for Mastery including the 5 keys to mastery as well as the pitfalls we encounter and the actions you can take that counter-act pitfalls. Although the master's journey is personal, one cannot accomplish this path alone. We rely on the guidance, instruction, and support a master coach can provide.  

Mastery differs from being the best. The former is a journey where our greatest competitor is ourselves, because our intention and attention is tied to our vision of what's worth accomplishing. To be the best at something presupposes we evaluate progress by what others accomplish, for better or worse. Mastery requires patience, courage, faith, and compassion, not to mention having a guide who teaches you to play your edge.

What I observed in today's coaching session is that mastery does not include making more money, although you may earn more money once you master a mindset or a craft. Money is a by-product of mastery. Mastery requires attention to one's attitude (the inside-out work) because mastery requires us to cultivate an alignment of body, mind and spirit.  By guiding individuals to clarify their recipe for mastery, they identified their attitudes regarding success, failure and staying the course. Working with pitfalls informs the recipe you design that helps you stay on a master's path.

I will offer this one hour class again in 2015. To support your master's journey, why not sign up for individual coaching with a master certified coach?

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Posted on October 28, 2014 .