Re-Kindling Passion

When we speak of passion our thoughts go directly to sex. If our sex lives are good or even promising we dismiss the value of passion in any other domain of our daily existence. We believe that our passion is imbedded in our relationships.  We determine that our passion is dependent on others, or the climate, location, political or financial situation, etc. 

The idea of passion includes two very strong emotions: Desire and Hate. Both these emotions when not tempered by a trained, virtuous mind keep us coming and going in circles. What I've learned is that when we make others or even life responsible for our state of passion we give up responsibility for our own joy.  "I couldn't help myself" the angry ex-husband declares in the hushed courtroom. " She made me crazy with her demands. I had no choice but to shut her up!"  

Or the other side of the coin is the woman who declares over a vodka martini,  "I slept with him because I thought he was sexy or that by having sex with him, he'd spend more time with me." What we don't say is that maybe we slept with him because we wanted to feel better about ourselves.

When we give away our right to determine and maintain our own passion we're making ourselves victims. From this powerless place, we have two choices: Continue to feel victimized by others or take effective action for ourselves.

The heart of the re-kindling passion coaching program is to help you figure out what aspects of your life need attention now and then working with me to transform your current view that has you trapped in victimhood to a view that frees you to be happier, with or without sex, with or without money, a husband, boyfriend, children, the best body, etc. 

Most of us can figure out what stresses us. But without a devoted guide who can show you the way out of the recurring cycle, who can provide good instruction which you can practice on your own, you'll keep wandering in endless circles of desire and hate. 

Life is short. And thank goodness, I've decided to take ownership of my happiness. I tried tips and techniques, catering to my stories of deep desire and other self-destructive emotions. My results, though sometimes good, were only temporary fixes.

Work with me individually in person or via SKYPE or bring a group of women together (for now) so I can come teach a ReKindling Passion day class at your home or office.


Posted on October 22, 2014 .