What is a Healer Coach?

"...works with the whole person mind/body so you reconnect with your heart held values."

Who Can Benefit From Healer Coaching?

"...any individual or group ready to take the reins of leadership. Individuals who accept the responsibility for creating their own happiness.

How Does Healer Coaching Differ From Other Forms of Coaching?

 "...we incorporate eastern and western healing methods so you can easily recognize and resolve destructive mental states hindering your goal to be happy.

Head & Heart Are One.

Why Work with Rhona Post?

"...gets results faster..."


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On Healer Coaching. Excerpts from the forthcoming DVD 5:09

Why Healer Coaching?

Healer Coaching is designed for people interested in being free of the chronic stress their internal dialogues produce.

Our methods are designed to empower you. As a result you feel more competent and confident to take responsibility for your happiness. You can't change what you don’t know!

Who Works With The Healer Coach?

Coaching clients include business owners, leaders and their teams, to adults grappling with constant change, at work or at home. What these individuals have in common is a desire to be at peace in themselves, and more at ease with others.

Clients Include:

Entrepreneurs who wish to balance work & family.

Leaders & teams who want to play well together.

Employers who want to improve the morale in the workplace so customers report greater satisfaction.

High performing individuals inside/outside organizations who wish to foster collaborative work environments.

Coaches, therapists, and alternative healing practitioners who want to confidently communicate the value and benefits of their services.



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